Benchley Pierre Rene

Founder, CEO at WebnetG

Benchley Pierre René is an entrepreneur in the field of Web Marketing and Founder, CEO at WebnetG, a company specialized in website creation, promotional video and marketing strategies for companies in Quebec, Canada, USA and around the world.

A reputable company that has helped hundreds of companies since 2007 to increase their credibility on the web and increase their income.

Benchley Pierre Rene : Skills

Benchley Pierre Rene & Webnet G

Benchley Pierre created Webnet G, a creative marketing agency established several years ago. Specialized in the development of websites and personalized explanatory videos. With hundreds of projects under their belt, we have experience in many different technologies and industries. Experience is important when it comes to planning and executing your project successfully.

Many large organizations have awarded contracts to Webnet G. We also like working with small organizations and individuals. Their track record is vast and we have been tested and proven in many situations over the years.

They have been around for a long time and will answer the call in the future whenever our customers need them. Digital technologies have enabled teleworking and virtual meetings, but are not compatible with in-person meeting. Located in downtown Montreal, we are committed to serving our customers by promising them a guaranteed satisfaction.